1. 5 Common Worst Practices Bosses Need To Abandon Now

    5 Common Worst Practices Bosses Need To Abandon Now

    Micromanagement, using fear as a motivator, leaning too heavily on top performers, and other ways you might be screwing yourself over without knowing it.

    Having a best practices lists can boost productivity when employees don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Tried and true methods can save time, money, and frustration, but sticking too closely to them without reevaluation can be dangerous.

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    1. Put more emphasis on managing your organization's culture than on managing your employees.
    2. Stretch goals should be articulated more or less as hypotheses, not as definitive targets, anytime there is uncertainty or interdependence.
    3. Pick the top three to five priorities for them to focus on, and then your overall strategy will be more efficient and effective.
    4. Ensure that people take rejuvenating vacations or sabbatical time away from work.
    5. The leader rates more on their own performance than the employee's, and the most recent events impact the rating than the full performance period.
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