1. Here’s the cure for the deluge of scammy, spammy robocalls

    Here’s the cure for the deluge of scammy, spammy robocalls

    STIR and SHAKEN have the potential to prevent fraudsters from spoofing Caller ID. But a number of details are yet to be worked out.

    Your phone lights up with a number that appears to be not just in the same area code, but the same prefix (the next three digits), indicating that it might be a neighbor or a nearby business.

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    1. Consumers benefit from having more diversity of options with respect to who can carry their phone calls.
    2. The Wild West was added to the phone network when we added VoIP telephony.
    3. Who is in charge of revoking that carrier's certificate if that's the way to go?.
    4. It's safe to say that one of the early uses of STIR/SHAKEN can be effective and have rapid traceback.
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