1. College Scandal Mastermind Says He Worked with Wealth Firms

    College Scandal Mastermind Says He Worked with Wealth Firms

    Morgan Stanley and UBS are among the firms that the mastermind of the college admissions scandal used to source wealthy clients, according to his firm’s website and social network postings.

    William “Rick” Singer, who pled guilty on Tuesday to receiving about $25 million to help children of the very rich get admitted to colleges through bribes and test-cheating, said his “life coaching and college counseling” firm’s core business, The Key, hooked up with wealth management firms to find prospects.

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    1. The Key…is being launched with the advent of Morgan Stanley, Oppenheimer Financial [sic], UBS and PIMCO in order to utilize the life-coaching model for employees' private wealth management clients and executives as a corporate benefit.
    2. Oppenheimer & Co. at one point had a very limited relationship with Key Worldwide Foundation, which it subsequently severed.
    3. We ended our relationship with him in 2013.
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