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    1. When taking Social Security at 62 could be wise

      Higher-income seniors will be better off collecting Social Security benefits as early as age 62 than delaying their benefits, writes an investment adviser representative on Fox Business. That’s because deferring the benefits would force them to take substantial distributions from their investment accounts, which could push them to a higher tax bracket, explains the expert.

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    2. Fight this behavioral impulse when picking your 401(k) investments

      Fight this behavioral impulse when picking your 401(k) investments

      The best piece of investment advice you might ever get is to re-sort the list of investment options for your 401(k).

      Right now the choices are probably listed alphabetically. Change to rank them by expense ratio. If you can’t do that, focus on that information as you scroll down the list.

      That’s because the order of the list makes a big difference in what you choose.

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    3. Denial Might Be a Smart Investment Strategy. Here’s Why.

      Denial Might Be a Smart Investment Strategy. Here’s Why.

      Denial sometimes is a very worthwhile virtue for retiree investors.

      That seems like an odd thing to say, since retirees’ livelihoods are crucially dependent on the financial markets. How can burying our heads in the sand be a good idea?

      But the stock market’s recent correction—or bear market, depending on which benchmark you focus on—is likely to cause you to react in self-destructive ways. Unless you can change your psyche, which is unlikely, it’s not a bad idea to just not look.

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    4. Best way to counter a client’s ‘sell everything’ call

      Ask your client this question: "What was the last movie you watched?"

      They probably didn’t have to think too hard to remember. Then try this one: "How about a movie you watched in 1985?"

      No dice — right?

      Clients recall the performance of their investments similarly; that is, they remember recent performance with greater clarity. This trait, called “recency bias,” leads them to extrapolate into the future the good or bad they are experiencing in the moment.

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    5. 2019 forecasts: Asset management trends

      When looking to the future of asset management, executives are focused on fresh products, emerging technology and the increasing prominence of ESG.

      "Portfolio managers and analysts ... must be able to understand, and importantly, measure, the social and environmental impact of each of their investments," says Kate Starr, CIO of Flat World Partners.

      ETF growth has been robust in 2018, notes Will Rhind, founder and CEO of GraniteShares.

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    6. 5 Common Worst Practices Bosses Need To Abandon Now

      5 Common Worst Practices Bosses Need To Abandon Now

      Micromanagement, using fear as a motivator, leaning too heavily on top performers, and other ways you might be screwing yourself over without knowing it.

      Having a best practices lists can boost productivity when employees don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Tried and true methods can save time, money, and frustration, but sticking too closely to them without reevaluation can be dangerous.

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    7. SEC Issues Report on Cyber-Security Investigations, Internal Controls

      Cyber-security has become — or perhaps should be – a key area of concern for every enterprise. The risks are substantial for the firm, its shareholders, executives and customers as recent cases illustrate. Every enterprise large or small is a potential victim. The losses can and often are substantial not just in dollars but also in trust, customers and more. The Commission has issued guidance. The agency has also brought enforcement actions.

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    8. Manhattan USAO Charges Former Accounting Professor with Fraud

      When making investments many think seeing is believing. That often means asking for the key documents and carefully examining them. If it is in the documents then it must be true. If the papers are furnished by a reputable professional such as a former professor who is an accountant at a known firm, the belief can be bolstered. Thus the investors in an intellectual property firm obtained and reviewed the key documents. They invested millions of dollars. The documents were fraudulent.

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    9. [Podcast]: Steps to Reduce Risk of Claims Associated With 401K Plans

      [Podcast]: Steps to Reduce Risk of Claims Associated With 401K Plans

      In this episode of the Proskauer Benefits Brief, partner Myron D. Rumeld and associate Joseph Clark discuss participant-directed defined contribution (DC) plans and the lawsuits against the fiduciaries and service providers which are responsible for administering them. We will examine the best practices that can achieve favorable results for plan participants and the practices that can avert litigation or enable plan fiduciaries to effectively defend themselves if there is litigation.

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    10. The Science Behind Sleep and High Performance

      The Science Behind Sleep and High Performance

      Marc Effron, president of the Talent Strategy Group, looked at the scientific literature behind high performance at work and identified eight steps we can all take to get an edge. Among those steps is taking care of your body — sleep, exercise, and nutrition. But the most important is sleep. He offers some practical advice on getting more and better rest, and making time to exercise.

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    11. Untested, Error Ridden Models Yield $97 Million SEC Settlement

      The Commission’s focus on retail investors met with the public’s fascination with all things high tech in the agency’s newest action involving four affiliates of the Transamerica firm. Those entities were involved with nine different products and strategies created by an inexperienced developer that were launched without substantial testing. The errors inherent in such a process were largely ignored while the inexperienced developer was kept out of sight.

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    12. The Four Dimensions Of The Hedge Funds Arms Race For Alpha

      (Opalesque) From Don Steinbrugge, Agecroft Partners: It is no secret that the vast majority of investors, including hedge funds managers, have underperformed market indices over time. However, some managers have distinguished themselves generating very strong risk adjusted returns. Outperforming an index requires an information advantage over what is broadly available in market.

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    13. Sustainable investing grows in popularity, but is dogged by performance questions

      Sustainable investing grows in popularity, but is dogged by performance questions

      It sounds like an unbeatable deal for investors: a way to not only grow wealth but to do so with better performance than the overall market and while acting in concert with their moral values.

      This is the promise of sustainable investing, one of the trendiest strategies on Wall Street, but one where the effectiveness remains highly debated and skepticism about long-term performance is preventing even more broad-based adoption.

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